DINE LIKE ROYALTY | Discover the Latin American options at ASADO, Dubai’s numerous award-winning Restaurant. An experience at one of Dubai’s most sophisticated fine dining restaurant with magnificent views of Burj Khalifa and Dubai fountain. The Impressive blend of iconic experience at Asado brings a life to soul and spirit of the old country in a cosmopolitan city.

ASADO at Palace Downtown promises satisfaction for those with a great palate for something different. If you never get a chance to visit Argentine, we would suggest you to come down to Palace Downtown to try the food at Asado within vivacious surroundings in the heart of Dubai. To relish in one of their most beloved steaks or Asado (Barbecue) in a very dynamic and earthy ambiance which gives an authentic feel of a grand Argentinean country farmhouse interior completed with their captivating traditional music.


On our arrival, the staff warmly welcomed us and led us onto our reserved table right next to the window from where we could see outstanding views of the Burj Khalifa and Dubai fountain. The reception lady was super kind and friendly. She insisted to take care of Baby R while we both were busy taking pictures, doing Insta-stories and chit chatting with the Head Chef of Asado.

While clicking shots my eye caught up to an open grill in the center of the restaurant. The Head chef saw us luring at that delectable baby goat. She personally came out, greeted us and introduced herself after explaining the lovely concept behind ASADO. Asado is basically a live Argentinean Grill used to prepare premium meat cuts on a ‘Parrilla’.


One of the staff members came to greet us and left us a present saying; “Kindly accept this little gesture from Palace Downtown. Hope you enjoy your evening with us today”. We were really humbled by this expression. With much anticipation I opened it and there were little souvenirs inside from The Palace Downtown. It was a beautiful start to our culinary feast at ASADO.

For the selection of our meal at Asado, we insisted the Chef Josephina Valve, to surprise us with her best seller dishes and her personal favorites. Our server brought the beverage menu for selection. Off course we went for the non-alcoholic drinks.  From the legends of Argentina we selected

  • M . FANGIO (F1) – Fresh Peach, Strawberries in orange juice and brown sugar.
  • CAMBIASO (Polo) – Fresh Pineapple mixed with fresh strawberries, orange juice & Passion fruit puree.

Both drinks were refreshing. He then served Assorted bread basket with butter to nibble till the order was being prepared. For starters, we were served


Starting off with Permeating classic empanadas (chicken and beef) were served, amidst a pile of decorative chilis and edible flowers.


Another appetizing dish arrived, Grilled avocado with lightly dressed salad, with selection of crunchy vegetables including cherry tomatoes, radish, capsicum, lettuce adding a little bit of crunch and healthiness to our meal.


Next came up the baby goat and Provoleta, pan of grilled and melted provolone cheese, seasoned with herbs, spiced and served with caramalized onions!! The gooey cheese was milky and mild and the early, new flavour made a nice contrast to the overpowering goat meat.21074377_10154973505661538_1570247450_n

The last appetizer was sharing starter-sized portion (the famed Baby goat) piled high with chunks of meat. Tentatively, we speared forkfuls and took small bites. We weren’t exactly sure so we assumed this was one of our main courses by looking at the size of it. We both were pleasingly amazed as the texture of the meat was so tender & felt similar to that of slow-roasted lamb, but it had a tangier, deeper flavour and was less greasy. The goat was slow cooked over a charcoal fire to enhance the herb marinade and lock in the flavour. Each smoked bite was tantalizing. The taste was juicy and succulent; we are certainly coming back for this.21073974_10154973505686538_637362422_n

We took a stroll before going ahead with our mains. Enjoyed plenty of Fountain shows meanwhile indulging in Beef Tenderloin & Rib Eye Steak, which are their best sellers, marinated with the traditional Chimichurri herbs makes this meat a must have. It was full of grassy parsley flavour, with a bit of garlic and a sweet sharpness courtesy of a little vinegar. The texture and the quality of the meat was top-notch, it was cooked perfectly according to our requirements and was full of flavor served with  a side of buttery mash and Creamy Truffle Mushroom this dish literally does all the wonders. If steak is not your thing, there are plenty of fish, chicken and even goat dishes on offer.

21076944_10154973729701538_450681487_nMoving on to desserts, the chef recommended us the signature chocolate fondant and Dulce de leche. The chocolate fondant is something not to be missed served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The rich, chocolaty and decadent fondant is truly a heaven for chocolate lovers. The presentation would left you flabbergasted with dessert being presented in clay pots like a lovely little piece of garden, whereas Caramel Flan con Dulce de leche was beyond amazing!!


This indulgent sweet treat Argentinian Caramel Flan is a very light dessert that reminded me of creme brûlée. If you love creme brûlée, you’d be delighted with this Argentinian dessert. It doesn’t have that hard, burnt sugar finish on the top but plenty of caramel. On the top served with Chantilly and homemade dulce le leche, you can’t beat the smooth, creamy moreish of quality.

DÉCOR – The whole place was adorned up with rustic charm, warm and dim lights and rich wooden furniture creating a cliquish and exclusive feel, the open kitchen allows one to see the chefs at work. Outdoors, candle light tables makes a perfect romantic, relaxing dinner night.

AMBIENCE – If you’re looking for top-notch place as well as a comfortable, relaxing and pleasing atmosphere, look no further than Asado where staff is super friendly and the service is exceptional and are on hand to recommend best dishes and drinks alike. Asado has an outdoor seasonal lounge featuring a contemporary exterior decor and offering an unmatched choice of delectable bites and nibbles influenced by Latin cuisine.

VERDICT – Set against a beautiful backdrop along with delicious food to accompany, Asado is one of Dubai’s more authentic high-end restaurants. Asado has not only filled us up with luscious dishes but also made to our new favorite place for juicy, succulent meats. An extravagant richness of traditional Argentinian delicacies served in an opulent setting and we would definitely recommend this place

Location: The Palace Downtown Dubai – Downtown Dubai

Cuisine: Argentinian, Latin American, Peruvian

Highlights: Alcohol available, Wi-fi, Outdoor seating, Romantic, Family friendly, Live music, Smoking permitted

Timings: Open daily 6.30pm – 11.30pm

Price range: AED 600+ for 2


Call:  +971 4 888 3444

BOOK YOUR RESERVATIONS AT ZOMATO (Click on the link below)

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