3 IN 1 – VIDA DOWNTOWN DUBAI | Iftar Experience

Immerse in urban flair to get together with your loved ones in 3 IN 1 at Vida, located in the heart of Downtown Dubai featuring delicious Ramadan favorites. A contemporary restaurant exuding a buoyant and inspiring ambiance, this Ramadan they offered their diners a modern and social Iftar experience with a twist. The quirky chic ambiance will definitely blow you away, what amused us more was the array of food that looks absolutely delectable.

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The Ramadan spread at 3in1 in Vida Downtown has been revamped. Diners can enjoy the relish buffet while sitting within aesthetic interiors (non- smoking) or out by the pool with Shisha services.

What we loved about our Iftar dinner, apart from the dinner and the exquisite ambience. They have a super friendly and welcoming staff. The service was prompt and exceptional even though they had a full house. The place is inviting you to over indulge, and we were spoilt for choices among some seriously good food options. We loved the variety that was offered for the price. It’s a never-ending spread, to be honest. They have a selection of Arabic & International cuisine accompanying fresh juices and detox.

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We started off with the salad section which was one of our favorites. The spread focuses on specialties from the region that include an impressive selection of hot and cold mezzes. We loved the, Hot mezze, Beetroot Salad and Fattoush among all the other salads on display. The mandatory dry fruits station, freshly baked Bread and Soup station is in place too. From the appetizers we loved the kibbeh, falafel, Cheese and Zaatar Saj breads, samosas and kebabs. They specially turned their vine cellar for Ramadan into a cellar filled with all kinds of freshly made Ramadan juices, laban, detox and some soft drinks as well! I personally loved their dessert corner.

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The desserts spread was extravagant, to say the least. A lovely combination of Continental, Turkish & Arabic sweets was on display. All the desserts were in super adorable servings. The colorful pots and cups were striking and portions were great. The freshly made cheese kunafa, assorted baklava, Jalebi, Ras Gullah and many countless Arabic treats were part of this spread. It also had an assortment of cakes, rice puddings, fresh fruit cuts. Our hot favorites were the Umm Ali, the kunafa and the rice pudding. Also, the chocolates were to die for.

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For the mains, they have offered a special menu to choose from, a delightful selection of hot mains featuring Lamb Ouzi, Chilli Roasted Chicken with potatoes, BBQ Platter and Vegetable Stew. They were served directly to our table fresh and hot, dedicated towards cutting down on food wastage while keeping the Arabian flavors fresh and your palate satisfied.

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The traditional lamb Ouzi Ramadan’s favorite and is a must have. The ouzi was rich & full of flavor, Arabian spices infused finely with an assortment of nuts & raisins. The Chilli chicken was the star dish and is definitely a comfort food. The meat was well marinated and was kept overnight leaving the spices to do its magic, as the meat is so soft and full of robust flavor and paired with my favorite vegetable, lightly grilled potatoes.

The lamb kofta and shish tawook’s meat was melting tender and was paired with an assortment of bell peppers and tomatoes, leaving you to enjoy every bite as the spices work together in unison to leave the meat packed with flavor. Not only did the spread on our table look appetizing, but tasted delicious and seemed healthy too. Perfect for large groups with enormous appetites!

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The stand out for us was the authentic freshly baked Italian pizza and the delectable, lip-smacking desserts spread, including Karak Chai Panna Cotta, Tiramisu, Baklava Crème Brulee, was the main highlight of our evening.

In conclusion, I’d like to say that this should be your best bet if you are looking for a lavish Iftar which will just cost you a mere AED 170. The food is definitely delectable, with delicious assortments of the stations which are perfectly healthy and balanced for Iftar. This Iftar Buffet was one of our favourites. We highly recommend this.

** Ramadan Information **


Cost Per Person: AED 170

Timing: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (Sun-Sat)


9:00 PM to 3:00 AM (Sun-Sat)

A la carte


Wheelchair Accessible

Buffet / Ala Carte options

Iftar / Suhoor

Outdoor Seating

Luxury Dining



Address:  First Floor, Vida Downtown Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai, Dubai

For more details visit


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