UAE’s first and leading gourmet food caterer!

The journey of Pinch Gourmet began from Montreal, Quebec in Canada. Pinch gourmet is the brain child of Chef/ Managing Director Elias Kandalaft, a graduate from John Molson Business School with his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. Throughout his Bachelors he felt an urge to join Marketing of Food Commerce instead. To fulfill his inner foodie, his professor suggested him and He then went to Le Cordon Bleu Paris in Ottawa to fulfill his desire and with passion, hard work and determination towards food and culinary arts he graduated and worked his way up, by mastering his craft and gathering skills at prominent restaurants in Montreal.


Then, he returned to Dubai in 2014, determined and passionate to open up his own restaurant, to enter into new and exciting territories. Elias started his business from his own kitchen, while throwing house parties for friends and family and getting amazing feedback’s from the gathering. He knew what he had to do next so his catering business ‘PINCH GOURMET’ came into being.

Pinch gourmet has a passion to share mouth-watering gastronomic creations. They love creating and feeding seriously good food. Fusing and reinventing traditional cuisines from west to east, from rich, satisfying Banquet dishes to appetizing delicacies and finger foods. We were invited to try their delectable Iftar set menu and to indulge in some seriously good food with a gastronomic culinary experience last week.

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Did I mention they love serving A SERIOUSLY GOOD FOOD?! Yes, their menu is fun, casual and gourmet all in one! This Ramadan they are hosting delectable #ASERIOUSLYGOODIFTAR for their clients❣It’s really a one of a kind experience where you can indulge in some #SERIOUSLYGOODFOOD in a seriously good ambiance while munching on those appetizing delicacies engaged in seriously good conversations in a seriously good venue! Their staff is prompt and the service was exceptional.

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Our first course arrived; with an array of starters consisting of dates, chicken soup, Lina’s Salad, Mezze Platter with assorted bread basket, Warak Enab and Imam Bayildi and all sorts of goodies covered the table. It was a great start to the meal; delicious food at its finest. For drinks, they served Ramadan specials Jellab, Lemonade and Vimto. Slipping into the early stages of a food coma we questioned whether we could go on. But being the troopers that we are, we persisted. Next up was the Date and spice Lamb Meatballs, which were amazing. The batter was perfectly crisp and sweet and sour taste added an extra special flavor to the whole dish.

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The second course was an array of Lamb Ragout on Garlic Coriander Parpadelle Pasta, Portuguese Chicken with Roasted Baby Potatoes and Youma’s Sayadiyeh on Rice Pilaf, loaded with all kinds of ingredients; both dishes were well marinated, served with perfectly paired homemade gravy’s, crunchy veg and herbs. Every element was flavorsome, especially the dipping gravy, which made the dishes exceptional & lip-smacking good. The Quinoa Date Edamame Salad was fresh and loaded with fresh ingredients – a classic dish done extremely well. The last dish of the main course was Fattet Bathenjen. It was absolutely delicious, despite the contrast of warm and cold ingredients, the combination of garlic, Greek yogurt and eggplant was explosive.  A hearty goodness of wonderful combined palatable textures.

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You know what they say about saving the best. Last but not the least, our desserts arrived and we were drooling over at the enticing ‘Chocolate Mousse chip Cookie’, Pain Perdu and BBQ Pineapple. We dug into the alluring skillet and French toast, took our first bites and oh my…It was heavenly ❤

After finishing up, I sat back and thought about the meal we’d just had. This was some seriously good food. I was blown away by the flavour combinations and attention to elements and what I know will be an incredibly popular restaurant. Chef Elias gets a foodie high-five from both of us and we can’t wait to go back! A Seriously good Iftar which definitely live up to its hype.


For a seriously good Iftar experience we recommend Pinch Gourmet, priced at only 195AED per person!! It is located in The Studio Courtyard, Al Quoz. Pinch gourmet serves the perfect feast for events.

For further details or reservations, Call/ Whatsapp – 0501004860

Email at

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