No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky. – Bob Dylan

“Dinner in the Sky” concept started out as a child’s dream that turned into a reality in year 2016. Hakuna Matata, a communication agency specialized in gourmet pleasures and The Fun Group, a firm that focuses in amusement park installations joined forces to materialize this rather eccentric notion and initiate it. This was introduced 10 years ago in Belgium and Germany. ‘Forbes’ has it listed as one of the 10 most unusal restaurants in the world.

Sky has no limits. When it comes to dining in Dubai, it’s too bizarre to envisage since Dubai cliques a high bar. Well, brace yourself as we share a dining experience that was like no other. “Floating” above the ordinary brings a whole new perception to dining! We have experienced incredible views earlier before, while dining in At.mosphere by Armani Lounge at the Burj Khalifa. Surely, the tallest building in the world sizes up at a much more frightening 828 meters, but when you feel the wind pass through your hair, no glass platform beneath, makes it much more exhilarating.

Anniversary Celebrations Sky high!

A sky high-tea, a great experience and a celebration to treasure.

This has been in our Bucket List for quite some time. We both love adventures. So, as soon as we heard that they are in town we got ourselves pre-booked for our 2nd Anniversary Date that was 1st March, to sense how it’s like to munch despite the fact that one’s feet swung in the midair. They publicly opened from 10th Jan, so imagine how long we delayed to get this off our list. It is hoisted at a table suspended via crane at elevation of 50 meters, to dine up in the air over the Marina at DIFC for one exhilarating hour.

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After arriving at the venue i.e. Dubai International Marine Club, opp Sky Dive Dubai, we were told to sign an obligatory disclaimer acknowledging the jeopardise and to use restrooms before being transported to the location, one of the crew guy explained us everything and asked everyone who is afraid of heights? And to my imagination, only two hands rose up. Imagine one of the two was mine (komal) LOL! After experiencing the Bungee Jump & Para sailing in Phuket, Thailand and experiencing the Para gliding with him back in our home country, this 50 meter height seemed to frighten me :/ We were immensely thrilled, with an accelerated heart rate, carefully picking the left corner seats and climbing onto the chair. As we sat down, straps on and all set to reach for the clouds, feet resting on a small metal footrest, one can really feel the ecstasy. We gave each other a quirky smile, and got all set for the 55 min gastronomic inspired flight. The crew member told us to lean back to truly enjoy the thrill up high. Imagine yourself leaning back at 50 Meters!! One can swivel and fully recline.

Accommodating up to 22 guests, the table is raised and lowered using a huge crane, lifting you up into the sky to enjoy spectacular views of Dubai Marina skyline, The Palm, Burj Al Arab, with upbeat tunes accompanying you and the culinary feast.

There were four crew on board, all harnessed in belts, to serve meals and they were happy to take pictures for you and provide you some props for your clicks. Their service is escorted by music that includes mostly tunes that has a sky theme, think Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

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Who says a meal cannot be adventurous? Life is all about creating moments, not waiting for them. The high tea package prepared by the Chefs of Ritz Carlton Hotel includes sandwiches, scones, pastries and coffee/tea. Suffice to say that for all the blasé ambiance we had rendezvoused before, this had a very different atmosphere, stomach gushing, adrenaline rushing, it’s another taste of the extraordinary life.

NOTE: Experience the innovation that took world by storm!! Enjoy the next level of dining. Feast sky-high with some breath-taking views at Dinner in the Sky. It’s the perfect opportunity to conquer your fear of heights. You guys can still have this divine culinary experience. Since, they are still in UAE for one more month. So get yourselves booked already?! They are here till May 20th so do not slip out on this remarkable experience, fine dining with absolutely miraculous views. This should certainly be on your Bucket List✌🏻Fearless foodies can choose from breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner. Prices are as follows;

• Breakfast (599 AED Fri & Sat only)
• Lunch (599 AED Sun-Wed / 699 AED Thurs-Sat)
• Afternoon Tea (499 AED Sun-Wed / 599 AED Thurs-Sat)
• Dinner (699 AED Sun-Wed / 799 AED Thurs-Sat)
For further details (DINNER IN THE SKY UAE)


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